Every morning as I shut all the 5 alarms I had set, I wondered why I even had to get myself out of bed to make it to school and learn all the subjects that were the primary causes of my headaches.

Was learning the refractive index of air and water that important? How would learning the properties of perpendicular lines help me in the long run? Of course, now I can’t get myself to remember most concepts I learnt at school. School, which seemed like a decade ago.  School, which I couldn’t wait to get myself out of. (what was I thinking?)

I don’t remember what felt so important at the time- my grades. However, I do remember waking up every morning and hating it, getting ready in 10 minutes and rushing myself to the bus stop, fighting for the window seat every morning as if my life depended on it and asking ‘driver uncle’ to turn up the radio so I could stick my head out of the window and act like I’m a Bollywood actress. It was the best start anyone could have to a day. (except the kids at the back who knew exactly how to annoy me)

The real task was exiting the bus. One, because all the students rushed out of it together or rather tried to. Second, because we had reached school where I would be reminded of all my incomplete homework, hoping no one else did it. I would rush to my classroom and friends, where all my favourite conversations took place. Being made to stand in a class for laughing your head off with your friends is not something to regret for sure. My ‘squad’ and I were the funniest together and all of them were an equal pain in the ass. Every punishment we got was a moment to cherish. Every fight we had, every inside joke, I’ll always remember for I don’t know if I’ll find friends like these. (they’re weird) They gave me the most comforting shoulders to cry on and the best arms to slap when I got excited.

You’ll meet a LOT of people after school but the friends you make at school will always hold a special place in your heart, whether you’ve stayed in touch or not. They’re the ones you’ll remember forever albeit your whole life being ahead of you.

School, where I discovered my passions and also found my best friend. If your best friend isn’t your favourite human then god help you.

My math classes will never fail to haunt me. My hands would sweat as I would try to find the unknown angles in triangles… in semicircles. It’s funny because I remember trying to listen in class (and failing) but I don’t remember my grades. How could you possibly forget something that felt so important, the main purpose of school? …Or was it?

I wish I could recall my grades (not really) but I know my math marks always had some incredible power to fool me into thinking the world was ending. It was only much later when I realised that getting D or even failing didn’t change a thing. If anything, it only made me stronger and maybe that’s what school is really for.


































12 thoughts on “School=Education?”

  1. Very well expressed, school memories remain cherishable for the whole life. Indeed best part of one’s own life is childhood. Best experiences in life, great learning, unforgettable memories….

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  2. I remember school as an integrative part of my teenage years. Most of my assimilation in high school happened, because I had developed a pretty good bull shit detector back then. I made peace with my parent’s expectations, imbibed all the real wisdom my teachers had to offer, rather than mugging up countless math and science formulae. I took home an important lesson, every single day; and they inspire me during every three a.m. contemplation.
    1. Never lose your honor.
    2. Never indulge in a life of crime or passionate sin.
    3. Never leech off of people’s dreams.
    4. Never question your integrity or self confidence.
    5. Never leave your duties and responsibilities on the back burner.

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  3. These memories of school are so beautiful – having just finished school, I hope that in the future I will remember moments like this! Remembering how you became you is so much more important than the grades you got in the process.

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  4. Ahh! Feel so nostalgic after reading your thoughts. Ever since I started working I ask this question to myself so often – was it worth to study so many subjects at school and what was the point of a those grades! Why we have to go through all the torture! Just so we land in good college and then pick up jobs where nothing from my classes helps! God help our archaic education system.

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  5. Good one but I feel schooling helps us in many ways sometimes it gives us employment to teach other school students, sometimes it gives us memories to treasure, sometimes it gives us many useful lessons, discipline, sometimes the science and general knowledge helps us to know world and universe better. It is actually useful. We may question many of its subjects and may reject many of its teachings but at the end of the day, it will surely help us to groom.

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    1. Yes, I never really said that schooling doesn’t help with all that you’ve mentioned. School pretty much makes us who we are,is what I meant. I didn’t say it wasn’t useful. 🙂
      It’s nice of you to give your views though!

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      1. Yes. What you said pertains to knowledge. Knowledge and education hold two completely different meanings. You can say I questioned society and the education system. Most people do not realise how absurd it is to judge people based on their marks/grades

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