On fighting anxiety

In my blog post in the month of April, I wrote about how it felt to have panic attacks. I let it consume me for about 10 months until I finally put my foot down and decided to fight back. Although it took place on a daily basis, I knew it didn’t define me. One day, I woke up and decided that I had to work towards my betterment. I haven’t had a panic attack for about 4 months.

Here are some things I followed-

   1. Get enough sleep 

  Sometimes, that’s all you need- sleep. That’s something most people don’t realise. A  good night’s rest is essential in order to work effectively the next day. Make sure to get 7 hours of sleep at the least. Act meticulously and establish a regular bedtime in order to be consistent with the number of hours you sleep. Before you hit the sack, avoid chocolate, coffee and other such caffeinated products in order to dodge insomnia. Stay away from any sort of gadget too!


  2. Keep your tummy happy! 

Right from breakfast to dinner, eat it all. Eat enough to satisfy your stomach. Having anxiety/depression can either make you want to gulp down your whole kitchen or restrict you from eating anything at all. Don’t skip any of your meals. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Balance out your intake of food in order to avoid overeating. Try as hard as possible to eat healthy! Foods such as turkey, ham and other high protein items have the potential to trigger panic attacks.


3. Say NO to caffeine 

The hardest yet the most effective. Every time you’re served coffee, alcohol, and other caffeinated beverage, shake your head no. Caffeine increases stress hormones, leads to restlessness and therefore, increases anxiety. As tempting as it may seem, gather up all your courage and lay off caffeine!


4. Excercise 

No, this isn’t a weight loss article. However, personally, this really did have an impact on me. Playing a sport, jogging or even brisk walking can help one with a large number of issues. It keeps one fit, mentally as well as physically. Try incorporating at least a half an hour jog, walk or any sort of physical activity into your daily routine.


5. Don’t quit what you love doing 

Having anxiety/depression can cause you to withdraw from practising what you love doing the most. It has the power to fool you into believing you aren’t ‘good enough’. However, there is no such thing. Don’t give it that power, remember- you’re the boss here! You’re an artist? So paint! Paint till the bristles of your brush fall off! You’re a singer? Siiing till your throat hurts! Do not quit.

6. Talk to someone

This alone is therapy.  No, you aren’t burdening anyone and NO, your sadness or anxiety is not contagious. Don’t be afraid to confide in anyone. Talking it out and expressing yourself holds tremendous importance.


Have you fought anxiety or depression? Are you still fighting it? Tell me your story at – trishk9@gmail.com or message me on instagram/ facebook – https://www.instagram.com/trisha.kini/  https://www.facebook.com/trisha.kini  Let the people of the world know that they aren’t alone. Watch out for my next post where I will feature your experiences. 🙂

Until next time, bye-bye!

16 thoughts on “On fighting anxiety”

  1. Wonderful post. I like you decided to fight back, anxiety is a falsehood appearing real. It is an attempt of the mind to take control. I found that to question the validity of what I was feeling allowed me move forward. This post can be very helpful for those that are now suffering from anxiety. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I suffered panic attacks for almost a decade… absolutely awful. I haven’t had one for a few decades now, and certainly wouldn’t want one!
    Well done to you for doing all that work to rid yourself of them…
    Great advice.
    All the very best to you… 🙂

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